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2017 Ninth Annual
benefiting the Kickapoo Rail Trail
Hosted by Champaign Cycle
May 6, 2017,  Saturday, 10 - 5


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 Donate your bike or consign it for sale to help build the
Do you have an old bike in your garage that you no longer want?
Bring it to Champaign Cycle to be included in the 8th Community Used Bike Sale.
Donate your bike to help fund the Kickapoo Rail Trail.  You will benefit through:
1.  A receipt for a tax deductible donation.
2.  More room in your garage
3.  The satisfaction of helping the Forest Preserve District build the trail.
Consign your used bike and if the bike sells you receive the sale price minus a 20% consignment fee which is a donation to the Kickapoo Rail Trail.
If the bike is consigned and doesn't sell you must pick it up by Wednesday, May 10, 2017 or we will dispose of the bike.  We do not have space to store your bike.
All proceeds from your donation and from the consignment fee goes to the Kickapoo Rail Trail. 
Champaign Cycle receives no money from the sale.


Do you want to buy a good used bike?  Come to Champaign Cycle Saturday, May 6 for a wide variety of used bikes.
Road * Mountain * Hybrid * Kids * Cruisers * Commuter * Touring * Racing
1.  We inspect all the bikes and they will be in safe operating condition.
2.  We will have a checklist detailing the condition of the bike hanging from the handlebars.
3.  Since the owner, not Champaign Cycle, will be selling the bike there is no warranty from Champaign Cycle.
4.  Since the individual owner is selling the bike we cannot accept credit cards.
However, we will do our best to honestly represent the condition of the bike and answer questions about the bike. 
Please stop by during this one day community sale to select your used bike.
Bikes sell quickly so be here at 10 am for the best selection.

Last year we sold over 100 bikes in great condition and raised $5,400+ for the rail trail construction.

Help us to make this year an even greater success. 




Attention used bike owners who want to sell their bike:


 1.  Your bike must be in safe operating condition to be included in the sale.
We will inspect all bikes when you bring them in.  The tires must hold air, and brakes and gears must work.  If you wash the bike and inflate the tires before bringing it you will have a better chance of selling it.  We will fill out a checklist which will be on the bike during the sale listing the condition of major elements of the bike.    This check list will rate condition of the following:  Frame, Wheels, Gears, Brakes, and Tires.  They will be rated from 1 = Great to 3 = Marginal.
If the bike needs repair to be in safe operating condition you must have the bike repaired to have it included in the sale.
 If your bike does not sell you can then donate it to the KRT to help fund the construction of the trail.
For the sale to be a success for both the seller and the buyer we must present the bikes in safe operating condition. 


We must respectfully decline any bikes for the sale which are not in safe operating condition.


2.  You will set the price you want to receive for your bicycle.
We will give you our opinion on what is a reasonable price for your bike but it's your bike and you set the price.
We will suggest prices which are fair for both you and the buyer and which will make it likely that the bike will sell.
We will not bargain on the bikes as they are the property of individual owners.
3.  Bicycles will be accepted for the sale Mon. April 17 - Wed. April 26, 2016.
Please bring the bicycle you want in the sale to Champaign Cycle 506 S Country Fair Dr., Champaign during that period.  
The sale is Saturday, May 6, 2017
All consigned bikes that are unsold must be picked up by Wednesday, May 10, 2017



Helping you enjoy cycling as much as we do.

Champaign Cycle - 506 S. Country Fair Dr.  217-352-7600


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