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2016 Ride to the Depot

Thanks for your help.
By participating in the Ride to the Depot you have joined a large community of cyclists supporting the Kickapoo Rail Trail.  The intention of the Ride was not only to give you an enjoyable cycling experience but also to raise money for the Trail.  We pledged that all the profit from the Ride would go to the construction of the Trail which was started this Spring.  Because we had such a great turnout, 185 riders, we raised over $4,700 for the Champaign County Forest Preserve for the Trail.  To continue your support of the Trail please participate in the River to Rail tour Sept 30, 2017.
Construction work on the first segment of the Trail began last year (2016) and is progressing very well.  If you drive east on Route 150 from the Wal-Mart on High Cross Road you can see the construction on the south side of the road.  The path has been cleared and graded from Urbana to St. Joseph but there is more left to do.  When completed next year, this will be the first 7 mile segment of the Trail which will run 24 miles from Urbana to Danville.  We will be riding on the Trail next Summer.
We have identified some things that we want to improve on for the Ride next year (having the bison in the field on the southern loop is high on my list).  We would also appreciate your ideas on how to improve the Ride.  So please email me with any comments or suggestions for improvements in the Ride:
  • Registration 
  • Food
  • Route
  • Support
  • Snack Stops
 Share your ideas to make the 
 Ride to the Depot better.

In 2016 the people at Champaign Cycle have raised over $10,000 for the Trail through our events the Community Used Bike Sale and the Ride to the Depot.  This is the most we've raised in the three years we've been holding events to fund the Trail.  It is through your support and participation that we are able to achieve this.  
The donation by Jimmie John's  founder, James John Liautaud, of $150,000 nearly completes the funding for the Phase One East construction.  But the Trail has a long way to go in funding its complete construction.  We need more major donors to complete this great recreational asset.  If you have the desire to contribute please contact me or Mary Ellen Wuellner (217-586-3360) at the Champaign County Forest Preserve.
Thank you again for participating, all of us at Champaign Cycle will continue to support the Trail.  
      Peter Davis and Alex Hegeman-Davis
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